You can donate to any charity you like. Each company can select up to five charities.

You can find this information on the admin site dashboard.

At this stage, you can book up to three months in advance, depending on availability.

Employees pay for their car park through a secure payment gateway. Park Angel does not hold any credit card details.

Uploading easy-to-read maps to your company registration page will help avoid this issue. If it occurs, then an administrator can check if any other car parks are available. Park Angel will refund anyone who does not get the car park they booked.

Once you register with Park Angel, you’ll receive a secure website link to give to your staff. This link will only work for staff who have the same email server name, e.g., @abc.com. You can add additional guest emails into the system to allow authorised access to others.

Park Angel allow only a company employee to register, who posses a company email Id. No outsider would be able to access Park Angel.
One company's users won't be able to access other company's Parking or company information. Website has high level restriction for each user to avoid any kind of data breach. Park Angel provides high level validations for data security which makes it secure.
Park Angel also incorporates best security practices to secure the data/information transfers from users system to Park Angel Servers and vice versa.

No. Your use of the Park Angel platform, and, by extension, your acceptance of the Park Angel Terms of Service, indemnifies Park Angel against any damage to a property, parking space or nearby vehicle, while a User is parked in a space they rented through the Park Angel platform.


You can check if your park has already been booked. If it hasn’t, then you can cancel your booking. If someone has already booked your park, then the charity has already received the rental fee. Therefore, you have forfeited your park for the day. You can check if there are other parks available for you to rent.

You can see this information when you log in. You can also see how much money your car park has donated to charity.


Unfortunately, your company needs to belong to Park Angel for you to participate. So, get in touch with HR, Security or Reception and ask them to register!