How It Works

Does your company offer staff car parking, but only to a select few? If so, then Park Angel is for you. On any given day, approximately 15 percent of your company car parks are vacant due to illness, annual leave or business leave. Park Angel enables your staff to mark their car park as free on the days they will not be using it, allowing other staff to park there for a small fee. The best part is that the money raised goes to a charity of your choice.

This option provides cheaper, more convenient parking for your staff, and it’s a great way to support local charities.

When your company signs up with Park Angel, you’ll get an exclusive secure login that only your staff can access, meaning there will be no strangers in your car park.

You’ll get monthly reports from Park Angel outlining how much money you’ve donated to charity, along with updates on how the money is being used. It’s a great way to showcase your Corporate Social Responsibility.

If this sounds like something your company would like to get involved in, then register today! In a few simple steps, you could be fundraising for your charity partners.


If your company has 250 employees, and 31 of them have a company-provided car park, then statistically four of them will be away on any given day. If half of their vacant car parks were rented to other staff members for just $10 a day, you would raise approximately $5,000* per year for local charities, from your business alone.

This is an estimate and will vary depending on the company. Please note that each booking attracts a $3 booking fee.

Follow Just 3 Steps to Contribute


Share Your Space / Book A Space



Share Your Space / Book A Space



Park Angel charges an annual subscription fee, which can be paid at registration.

Companies with less than 100 staff - $295 p.a.

Companies with 100 staff or more - $495 p.a.

Each company can determine how much their car parks are worth. The intention of Park Angel is that it offers your staff a cheaper car parking solution than those that are available in the surrounding area.

A $3 fee applies to each booking. Therefore, if you set your daily parking rate at $10 per space, your chosen charity will receive $7 from each rental.